Fernando Ahumada, creative artist
and lover of movies and
comics, has created VBAG

Fernando Ahumada realized one day that this century’s dynamic men need more and more space to comfortably carry their day-to-day personal items. However he observed with disappointment how existing products did not really solve the issue, as well as being insecure and far from elegant.

Inspired by his legendary comic book heroes and the secret agents and detectives of TV and movie fame, he comes up with the definitive solution: the first wearable, secure and, at the same time, elegant personal item wallet for any “man of action” in this new era.

The «VBag» is the result of many years of effort and creative work by Fernando Ahumada Barth, also known as F Ah!, his registered personal trademark.

This Spaniard, born in Seville (with German roots) and proud of his country, lives in Madrid and has dedicated almost his entire life to the creative world, along both artistic and practical arcs.

Before devoting himself exclusively to creativity and its infinite possibilities, he worked for 25 years for a range of international multinationals within the technology sector.

Currently F Ah! offers us his creativity and work as: Painter and Graphic Artist, Creative Publicist, Showman for events, Teacher of English and German (with his own creative, ultra-fast and highly effective method).

With great help from his wife Ursula (originally from Munich and the world of fashion and textiles), they have set out with huge enthusiasm on this new project, conceived in Madrid but with international vocation, to offer for the first time an elegant and practical chest wallet «made in Spain» for men: The «VBag».